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For more than 25 years, Jill Shugart, MA, MFT,
has been helping individuals,parents and couples
build more satisfying personal and family lives.


JIll's work--as a psychotherapist; as a marriage and family therapist; as a preschool director; as a parenting consultant; and as a parenting workshop leader--
has provided significant assistance to people
seeking to achieve results that matter----

  •  living more joyful, fulfilling lives
  • managing the stresses of living in today’s competitive, materialistic culture
  • learning the art of effective communication
  • repairing troubled relationships
  • developing family harmony
  • helping children realize their capabilities and function with greater self-confidence
  • creating new confidence for parents in raising their children to be self-reliant individuals.


Special Skills


  •  Extensive knowledge and experience in normal child and family development


  • Expertise in collaborating with clients in a way that allows them to solve their own problems

  • Dynamic, experienced workshop presenter

  • Utilization of practical and proven information which people can immediately implement in their daily lives

  • Ability to sharpen people's insights into the beliefs and attitudes that keep their ineffective behavior in place

  • A full life experience which enables Jill to draw upon examples from her own life as a parent and a partner to illustrate how positive change can happen.



Biographical Highlights


  • Currently in private practice with offices in Berkeley and Walnut Creek, working with individuals, couples and families.


  • Former co-director of the Gan Ilan Preschool, in Lafayette.


  • MA's in Clinical Psychology and in Early Childhood Education.


  • Before opening her practice in 1992, Jill was an early childhood education specialist and director of three separate pre-school programs.


  • Trained as a couples therapist at the Couples Institute in Menlo Park, developing advanced skills in significantly helping troubled relationships.



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Jill Shugart, M.A., MFT - 910 Tulare Ave., Berkeley, CA 94707 - 510-528-0309 - jshugart@gmail.com
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