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How Healthy Relationships Become Impaired

Healthy relationships are the cornerstone of a happy and satisfying life.

Unfortunately, they can become impeded by the stresses involved in life's everyday, ongoing challenges:


  • the need to make a living.
  • the desire to create and grow a family.
  • the quest to achieve some sort of balance between the two.


The Role of Differences

Our differences become the sticking point:

  • different backgrounds
  • different temperments
  • different learning styles


These, and other differences in the individual nature of the partners, become the cause for complaint and the seed for problems.

Restoring the Health of the Relationship

Jill's work in repairing relationships is founded on the firm belief, supported by years of experience, that each person has unique personal strengths that can be utilized to do the powerful work of restoration.

Jill's work focuses on tapping the inner resources that each person possesses,and channeling these strengths toward real improvement in the relationship and the lives of the partners.

Jill utilizes her extensive training at the Couples Institute in Menlo Park, California to facilitate this approach. It enables her to help couples create a more positive outlook on their difficulties.

Shifting the Focus Leads To Positive Results


When each individual begins to move his or her focus away from blaming the other, and shifts it instead to an examination of one's own actions -- and to a self-questioning of how one can be a more effective partner -- positive change begins to happen:


  • Empathy is developed for each other's point of view.
  • Successful communication emerges--even during times of stress.

- - - - HELPING FAMILIES- - - - -

In family therapy, Jill brings the family members together and works with their individual creative energies.

She harnesses and directs these energies to achieve collaborative solutions to the family's shared problems.

This approach gives the family the healing experience of having jointly created a positive result.

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