Are you feeling stuck in some area of your life?

             Are you looking for a way to get moving
             in the right direction?

              Coaching can be a powerful solution!


How Will Coaching Help?

Coaching is an empowering process that will assist you in:

  • focusing on a desired outcome.
  • moving from thinking about it --and procrastinating --to taking direct action
  • keeping the action in place --and building momentum --
    until the desired change is made.


What Is Coaching?

Coaching is an ongoing relationship that can help you produce remarkable changes in your life or career.

Coaching is a collaborative relationship in which the coach and the client work together:

  • to discover and clarify in specific terms what the client wants to achieve.
  • to create strategies and solutions.
  • to help the client be responsible and accountable.


How Do People Use Coaching?

Some primary reasons that people come to coaching are:

  •  to deal with conflict at work.
  • to deal with conflict in personal relationships.
  • to change self-damaging habits.
  • to increase a sense of balance in their lives.
  • to become healthier.

Bottom line: people come to coaching because they want to lead happier, more satisfying lives.

How Will Jill Assist Me In Reaching My Desired Outcome?

Jill is an experienced listener who is devoted to helping people achieve the well-being they desire.

  • She will help you articulate your desires in specific terms.
  • She will help you see and understand the limiting beliefs and attitudes that stop you from realizing your goals.
  • She will give you the tools you need for overcoming these limiting beliefs and attitudes.
  • She will help you see and articulate both your strengths and your values. (Both are necessary to produce the motivation needed
    to make an important change).


What Are the Logistics of the Coaching Process?

Coaching sessions are extremely convenient for busy people.
A coaching relationship can be maintained world-wide, regardless of the location of the client.
Sessions typically take place by telephone.

  • Sessions are 30 to 45 minutes in length.
  • Appointments are scheduled weekly or bi-weekly.
  • The number of appointments is set by contract and payable in advance.
  • Coaching may be brief or long-term, depending on the needs of the client.
  • Clients are encouraged to commit to a trial number of meetings to see if coaching works for them.


Please contact Jill for her current fee schedule.

How Is Coaching Different From Psychotherapy?


Unlike psychotherapy, coaching limits its focus to a specific concern, project, or condition in the client’s personal life or profession.

However, coaching can be a useful adjunct to psychotherapy.

Jill is both a therapist and a coach. Therefore, she is well-qualified to help you decide what avenue would be most appropriate for you.


How Can I Tell If Jill's Coaching Would Be Right For Me?

Jill offers a half hour, complimentary phone session to help you assess and explore if coaching with her would be the right choice.

Please call her at 510-528-0309 to set up an appropriate time to talk.


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